Welcome to python-automationclient’s documentation! (Built by Stackops)

This is the python-automationclient documentation, a complete guide line reference to understand and operate as an administrator, using all the Stackops ecosystem to get a fully and ready Openstack installation from scratch.

About StackOps

The OpenStack™ open source platform offers cloud computing solutions for companies of all sizes and industries. Thanks to contributions from developers from around the world, its technology improves every day. For this reason, StackOps has always trusted it to provide service to our customers.

However, many of our potential customers found the platform difficult to use.

For this reason, in 2010 StackOps created StackOps Community Distro©, inception of all the suite of StackOps products, the distribution package that makes it easy to deploy clouds with OpenStack™ and eliminates the technological barrier for the end user.

And it worked.

The appearance of StackOps© caused such a storm that StackOps achieved extensive media coverage, blogs, books and of course thousands of downloads. This product offered real value to people. And since then there have been new users every day. For this reason, the product improved in 2013; StackOps 360©, a solution for managing your own clouds and those of third parties effortlessly with OpenStack™.

STACKOPS 360: Effortless OpenStack™

StackOps 360® is a package of four products bundled on top of our popular StackOps distro built on FABuloso, enabling easy management, of both public and private clouds, with complete functionality:

  • Create computing clouds
  • Automate your processes
  • Control resource usage
  • Offer your customers a pay‐per-use solution
  • Provide the best user experience

So when you are ready to get your OpenStack cloud to an enterprise-grade, fully supported solution, with a neat management console with all the functionality provided by Automationclient, download StackOps360 and don’t forget to contact us.

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